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Work with us to list your business

Welcome landowners or farmers or business owners who have activity(s) and/or accommodation to list.

Creating your own website is easy - you can do it with our DIY tools. No developers needed.

These are the only requirements:

  1. You write some text based description about what they are
  2. You know where they are
  3. You know how to get there (optional)
  4. You know how much you are going to price them, or free of charge, and their available days or period
  5. You know how to copy and paste text using a computer
  6. You have some photos or a video describing them (optional)
  7. You know related government rules, your responsibility and legal obligations

If you don't make mistakes, we reckon you should be able to list your single activity service within an hour.

You can list as many activities as you want, free and easy.

Technically we should be able to host any activities from you. But in case we have not covered a particular one you have, please feel free to let us know and we will add corresponding support in a very short time.

Our objective is to help you list your service or activities easy and convenient.

Once you have made the listing and subsequently approved by us, we will then present your listing, their multimedia contents and map data if available, clearly and nicely to the visiting user.

When customer book your service and make an online payment, we will take 3% (default, or the percentage your choose) as the the booking fee on the price you specify. We will also take 9% on the price as service fee from customer. For example, if your activity is priced at �10 with a booking fee rate of 3%, the customer will pay �11.2. We want to do our best to make you succeed. Only you've been successful and happy, can we then be successful and happy.

Please feel free to list your Trial Service, without login, listing anything and playing with it, including map editing facilities. You can commit yourself later when you have confidence and know how it works

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are only here to serve you.

Once you have successfully listed your service or activities, you can sit back and relax, watching your customers make bookings and constant income streams come into your bank account on daily, weekly or monthly bases.

We'd also encourage you to think about how to make your service based business a sustainable one.

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